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How many cards have you thrown away and felt guilty because they're special to you?


These cards were created to end the guilty cycle of receiving special messages from your friends and family that will innevitably go in the bin.

Instead, you can send cards knowing that once they have been read they will grow into beautiful wildflowers! You are not just giving a card, you're also giving a wilflower bouquet - 2 unique gifts in 1!


Everything in this product is handmade! From the hand-picked seeds, to the paper and the stamp used to hand-print the final product.

Wildflower Plantable Cards

  • Set of 3 A6 Plantable Cards.

    Hand-printed design on 230gsm handmade plantable paper.

    Each card comes with a C6 kraft envelope.

    Sent inside a strong board-baked envelope to ensure safe arrival.

  • The seeded paper used on our cards comes with a variety of high quality wildflower seeds. The seeds are assorted randomly so everytime you plant a card different wildflowers will grow!

    How to plant:
    PLANT - Tear up the card and put in a pot with soil / compost.
    WATER - Water and keep moist. Make sure the card does not dry out.
    SUN - Put the pot somewhere warm with sunlight.
    GROW - Re-pot or plant directly in your garden when seeds have started sprouting allowing for the flowers to grow.

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