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Custom Stamps

A custom stamp can be great for personalising your packaging and making your products stand out!


A logo rubber stamp makes a wonderful eco-friendly addition to your business branding!

Take a look at some custom commissioned stamps I've hand carved before.


How to order:

1- Prepare your design!

    - Make sure your design works in black and white. Stamping only prints with one colour so make           sure that the black represents what you'd like to print.

    -If your design has a watercolour or specific texture it won't be able to be carved. Perhaps consider     outlining the shape or not having this element as part of your stamp.

    -Any text smaller than Arial 14 won't be able to be carved (This can vary depending on the font).           Perhaps consider having a larger text or not adding that element to your stamp.

2- Choose the size!

   -A great way to find the perfect size for your stamp is by drawing a square on the surface of the             material you'd like to stamp onto with the ideal measurements. You can then print your design in           those measurements and compare it to the size of the surface you want to stamp onto to make sure     it works perfectly!

3- Get in touch!

    - Once you have the first two steps ready send me an email with your design (preferably JPEG or           PNG) and make sure it is saved as a high quality image. This is to ensure the image does not               pixelize when I resize it.

    - In the same email add the measurements you'd like your stamp to be (in cm please). I can then           advise you on more suitable measurements if these don't work with your design.

    - I will then give you an accurate quote for your stamp and set up a payment option with your name       so it is easier for you to place your order!

    - You can contact me through the Contact section on this website or by sending an email to           

Following these steps will allow me to give you a quote for your stamp asap! :)

If you're having trouble with the first two steps (for ex. not knowing how to set up your image), send me an email with your original file and we will go from there!

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