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This set of 5 stamps is perfect to upgrade you packaging!

Make the postman and the receiver of your package smile by adding this little touch to your packaging while improving your business and helping the environment!!*

By ordering the complete set you save 15% rather than if you purchase the stamps individually.


Set Includes:

-Thank You stamp;

-Happy Mail stamp;

-Please Do Not Bend stamp;

-I'm Fragile stamp;

-Eco-friendly stamp;


The stamps are all handmade from high quality carving rubber suitable for any type of ink.

*Using a stamp on your packaging or product instead of a sticker makes it more easily recyclable as the sticker can leave toxic glue residues which make the item not easily recyclable.

Small Business Stamp set

PriceFrom £51.00
  • The stamps are all approx. 4cm x 3.5cm / 1.6'' x 1.4''.
    If you'd like a quote for a larger size, feel free to email me at and we can discuss the size and price of your stamps!

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